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2.4/5.0GHz Antennas
2.4GHz Antennas
5.0GHz Antennas
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11n USB Adapter
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Pigtails I-PEX/U.FL
Pigtails LLC100
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123 2017-09-20

By Hugh --- 1000mW USB adapter + PANEL 20dBi + 15m/50ft 2013-06-07
I recently purchased one of your panel extenders. It works AWESOME!.

By Bill -- 1000mW USB adapter with outdoor antenna set 2010-06-28
Well Lilliane, I can say your word is as good as gold. Thank you very much. We have installed the grid antenna and also worked with the little tabletop 1000mw antenna.

By William --2.4GHz PANEL 14dBi + RTNCP cable 10m/35ft and Lightning protector 2010-06-22
I want to thank you very much for your advice and prompt service. I received my expedited panel, cable and arrestor and installed them. It does exactly what you said it would do. As a manufacturer I was surprised and pleased at the quality of the antenna and cable. Very nicely made and engineered. I will definitely return to Wifi Link when I need similar items Thanks so much, it is a pleasure to do business with you and your fine company.

By Dale --- 1000mW USB adapter with 9dBi dipole 2010-05-28
Got it today, great service ordered late Thursday and here Monday. Put it right into service. Went from intermittent 0-1 bars to a strong 4 out of 5 bars using the little antenna.

By Dan -- 1000mW USB Wireless adapter with 5dBi Rubber Base 2010-05-13
I received the product ordered...fantastic... and now I wonder how the 12db panel antennas must be...thanks for the service! I'll be reordering soon for cables etc.

By John --- 1000mW USB adapter + GRID 24dBi + 20m/65ft 2010-05-13
Well worth the $160.00, works great.

By Conrad -- Best USB Wi-fi Adapter, My 500mW usb wifi adapter from wifi-link works like a charm! 2009-12-02
About a year ago my internal wireless card on my laptop gave out, as a solution I purchased a 500mW USB wi-fi adapter from wifi-link along with a 12dBi panel antenna. It works great! My wireless range is so much further than internal wireless cards. I can get the free wifi from my public library a block and a half away! Plus, it has included software to make it an access point so you can connect computers wirelessly, which I have used a few times when short of an ethernet cable. I highly recommend wifi-link for anything wifi. Their customer support is also very helpful as well. I would be glad to answer any questions about the quality of wifi-link's hardware http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/Best-USB-Wi-fi-Adapter-t260190.html

By Theresa -- 200mW USB adapter with high gain antenna 2009-09-28
I recently purchased a WL-USB-RSMA-23 wi-fi usb wireless adapter w/antenna and it works just wonderful.

By Eric - 500mW USB adapter + PANEL 20dBi + 5m 2009-08-28
Please see the information showing below website. http://www.isyrc.com/antenas_wi-fi.html

Significant Signal Strength Improvement for Tablet PCs in an Industrial Environment 2009-08-28
We developed an application that manages the consumption of Scrap Metal for steel mills and could not get any signal from the various wi-fi access points mounted atop light poles throughout the yard. We mounted the OMNI 8dBi outdoor antenna attached to a 500mW USB adapter to the exterior of our Komatsu trucks and our coverage went from 0-1 bar using the internal intel wireless card to between 3 and 4 bars with the wi-fi link antenna and adapter. The software included with the antenna was also very helpful. We needed the antennas shipped overnight and they arrived the next day by 10am. We have been very impressed with these products and it has dramatically improved the performance of our wi-fi dependent application. Lilliane was extremely helpful and pointed us to the right product for our specific application. I would reccomend this product to anyone who needs to increase their wi-fi signal strength.

By Bo Zhang - Fix Gain Booster 1000mW 2.4GHz 2009-08-05
1 watt Wi-Fi amplifier 802.11b/g extends range to 5 bars in entire complex


By John -- 500mW USB adapter + GRID 24dBi+ 7m/23ft 2009-07-09
Thanks for all the info. LISTEN UP!!! This is my first email using your antenna. It's faster than dial up. I really cannot believe it.

By Jeff -- 500mW USB adapter with 5dBi dipole antenna 2009-06-29
Usually i have 1 other wireless network i can see in my neighborhood.. i plugged this into my desktop and i had 7 other wireless networks pop up.. this device is nothing short of AMAZING!.. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

thank you ! From Jeff B.


By Thomas -- 500mW USB adapter + GRID 24dBi+ 7m/23ft 2009-06-16
Hi, My name is Tom, After receiving my 500mW USB adapter + GRID 24dBi+ 7m/23ft and talking with Lilliane, I was able to get this up and installed the right way.

I can now receive 19 connectable signals to use. Wow, I only pulled in 3 before. I also ordered a 2.4 GHz OMNI antenna with Gain 15 dBi For my RV. Thank you Lilliane for your help. I will recommend wifi-link.com to any one who wants to get connected to free wifi.


By Brian -- Great for Overseas Internet Access -- 12dBi Panel and Wireless USB Adapter 2009-06-09
I bought the 12dBi antenna and the low-power USB Adapter (30mW)(no longer available) with antenna base and used it on a business trip to Thailand with my notebook computer. The antenna, base, and adapter are very portable for trips.

I put the antenna up to the hotel window (4 stories on one room and 15 stories up on another room I stayed in) and was able to catch about 15 usable signals in the Sukhumvit Rd. area coming from up to 1-2 km away -- i.e. other hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, private residences. Approximately 3-4 were open and I was able to get good Internet access with download speeds of about 250-450 kBs on average, sometimes better.


By Michael -- with 500mW USB adapter + Grid antenna 19dBi 2.4G 2009-06-05
My experience with some wifi-link.com products.

By Fawei -- GRID 24dBi 2.4G Antenna (WLG-2450-24) 2009-06-04
Hello!Every one!! Last week, i bought a grid antenna for wifi-link. It\'s so perfect! I love it so much!! It's distance is 20 mi(tested) It\'s Incredible!! Please support wifi-link!!

Square grid antenna is designed for the spread spectrum system, the surface design with welded-steel reflector to bring out the best performance.

This antenna features high gain, long coverage, light weight, compact structure and excellent wind-resistance. It is used for outdoor and the range is up to 6.2miles. website: www.wifi-link.com


By Sonny -- 500mW USB adapter 2009-06-03
FINALLY! A product that works as advertised and represented. I just received my WLAN USB wireless adapter and I am extremely pleased with the product.

By Nathaniel Merling -- from bleepingcomputer.com 2009-06-01
Antenna from Wifi-Link, I am very pleased with my wireless g usb adapter from Wifi-Link

Post by Nathaniel Merling, Below is more information from the forums: From Bleepingcompputer.com

Below is the products information, 500mW USB adapter 500mW USB adapter with 5dBi dipole antenna.
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