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2.4/5.0GHz Antennas
2.4GHz Antennas
5.0GHz Antennas
RF Connectors
11n USB Adapter
Wireless Accessories
Pigtails I-PEX/U.FL
Pigtails LLC100
Pigtails LLC200
Pigtails LLC400
Wholesale Zone-a
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Dear customers :
Have you ever thought about sitting on the ground outside and browsing the internet? Have you ever thought about using VoIP to talk to your friend while you are in the park near your house? Have you ever thought about your wireless signal can be received in your neighbor or friends’ houses?
Compare to wire networking, wireless has much more benefits, e.g. You can easily add new users and don’t need to worry about how many jets you have in your router. When you use wireless networking, you don’t need to worry about cables and jets so it can save the time and money for setting up networking. It can provide the speed of 11-54 Mbps so it can also be used for transmit large amount of files. It is not only the extended of wire networking, but also it can replace wire networking in the near future. It will change the way of us to use networking.
Recently wireless networking is very popular, e.g. You can find in the hotels, airports and coffee shops who all provide this kind of service to their customers. Customers only need to provide a laptop or PDA and insert wireless LAN Cards. Then every one can enjoy surfing on line. It is easier for us to check emails, play games and check your investments at a real time. It is very fast and convenient.
In year 2005, there are more than 1.5 billion laptops and cell phones have the function of wireless networking. Therefore, WIFI-Link Technologies Co., Ltd. is here to help you developing this kind of service.
It is very easy to find wireless networking anywhere in the US. If you wish to have this kind of function at home or in your office, please join us as our member. After you join us, please check your email to activate your account. Thank you.
WIFI-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.

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