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7dBi DIPOLE Antenna RPSMA(M)
7dBi DIPOLE Antenna RPSMA(M)
Number: 965
Item number: WL-DA-7-RSMA
Weight: 0.25 Lbs.
■ Quantity and Price :
‧ 1 Pcs ~ 9 Pcs US$ 11.59 ∕ Pcs
‧ 10 Pcs ~ 29 Pcs US$ 10.99 ∕ Pcs
‧ 30 Pcs upward US$ 9.59 ∕ Pcs
Quantity : Pcs
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=== Made in Taiwan ===

This compact 2.4GHz omni directional "rubber-duck" WiFi antenna provides broad coverage and 7 dBi gain.
It is a coaxial sleeve design with an omni-directional pattern.
It is ideally suited for IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g wireless LANs. This flexible antenna features a tilt-and-swivel reverse-polarity SMA connector, allowing them to be used vertically, at a right angle, or any angle in-between.
It is suitable as a replacement RF antenna for many access points and radios that are equipped with reverse-polarity SMA connectors including D-Link®, Linksys® WET11 and others. It can also be used with our MEGE BASE.

The Antenna may also be referred to as: Rubber Duck antenna, Rubber Ducky antenna, Flagelliform antenna, Swivel antenna, Flexible antenna, Flexible Whip antenna, AP antenna, Access Point antenna, Range Extender antenna, Wi-Fi Rubber Duck antenna, WLAN Rubber Duck antenna, 802.11g Rubber Duck and 802.11b Rubber Duck



WIFI-Link No.


7dBi DIPOLE Antenna RPSMA(M)



Radios that use RP-SMA Male Connectors
Electrical Properties
Frequency:2400 - 2483MHz
Gain: 7dBi
Polarization : vertical
SWR : ≤ 2:1
Impedance : 50 Ohm
Electrical Wave: λ /4 DIOPLE
Mechanical Properties
Antenna Cover: Cu(Plated)
Color: BLACK
Operation Temperature:-30~+85°C
Storage Temperature:-30~+85°C
Length: 280mm (Including connector)
Connector : SMA-type / RP Male

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