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N male to RP SMA male(LLC 200/5m)
N male to RP SMA male(LLC 200/5m)
Number: 579
Item number: np-rsmap-200-5.0
Weight: 0.84 Lbs.
■ Quantity and Price :
‧ 1 pcs ~ 9 pcs US$ 28.99 ∕ pcs
‧ 10 pcs ~ 49 pcs US$ 22.59 ∕ pcs
‧ 50 pcs ~ 99 pcs US$ 20.59 ∕ pcs
‧ 100 pcs upward US$ 15.59 ∕ pcs
Quantity : pcs
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The cable are already assemblied

Please order carefully as all Cable Assemblies are not returnable.

The Wireless LAN Radio can work with this item

Radios that use RP-SMA Male Connectors

3CRWE820096A, 3CRWE870075A, 3CRWE91096A, 3CRWE825075A, 3CRWE875075A, 3CRWE725075A

ProximR ORiNOCOR RL/2 Bridge


ActiontecR R3010WAP, GT701AP and AU802C Access Points, GT704-WR, R3010SUW and R3010UW Wireless Routers

AeroComm? ConnexLink? 2.4 GHz Model (CL5124-200-232) and ConnexLink? 900 MHz Model (CL4490-1000-232)

Amtron MW251

Aruba Networks? AP 70

BelkinR F5D6001 PCI Card, F5D7000 PCI Card, F5D7001

BlitzzR BWA611 NetWave, BWA611B NetWave, BWA711 Super G, BWA721G, BWI605 NetWave, BWI715 Super G

BluesocketR BlueSecure? 1501 Access Point

BreezecomR: AP/SA/WB-10D

Buffalo? AirStation? WHR-G54S, WHR-HP-G54S, WLI-TX4-G54HP, Wireless-G MIMO Performance Router & AP WHR-HP-G54

CNet Technology CWP-854 Wireless-G PCI Adapter

Colubris NetworksR CN320 , CN330, CN1250 , MAP-320, MAP-330, MGW-1250, CN-3300, MSC-3200, MSC-3300

D-LinkR DI-514, DI-524, DI-614, DI-624, DI-713, DI-714, DI-714P+, DI-824VUP, DWL-1000AP+, DWL-2100AP, DWL-520, DWL-3200AP, DWL-8200AP

D-LinkR DWL-800AP+, DWL-810+, DWL-900AP, DWL-G510, DWL-G520, DWL-G700AP, DWL-G800AP, DWL-G810, PCI 520+

D-LinkR DIR-625, DIR-635, DWA-542, DWA-547 802.11n RangeBooster N? products

DrayTekR Vigor2600VGi, Vigor2600We

Edimax EW-7207APb, EW-7207APg, EW-7206APb Access Points, BR-6104Wb, BR-6114Wg Routers

Edimax EW-7126, EW-7128g PCI Cards

Fortinet? FortiWiFi-60 Access Point

EnterasysR RoamAboutR AP4102, RoamAboutR AP1602

FreeWaveR IM-510X007 and IM-500X007

GRER America Gina

HawkingR HWR54G, HWBA54G, HWP54G

HyperLink Routers (formerly SR2400)

Hewlett-PackardR / CompaqR ProCurveR 420NA, 420WL, 420WW Access Points

IntelR PRO/Wireless AP WPCI5000

IntellinetRAll wireless routers and access points with removable antennas

LinksysR WET54G, WET54GS5, WMP54G, WMP54GS, WET11, WMP11 (PCI), WPS, WRV54G, WMP11 PCI Card

MaxStreamR 24XTend?, 9XStream?, 9XTend?, XStream-PKG-R?, XStream-PKG-U?, XStream-PKG-E?, XStream-PKG-T?, 9XTend-PKG-R?, 9XTend-PKG-U?, 9XTend-PKG-E?, 9XCite?, 9XCite-PKG-R?, 9XCite-PKG-U?, XBee-PRO PKG-R?, XBee-PRO PKG-U?

Meru NetworksR AP200

MotorolaR WR850G Wireless Router, WR850G, WA840G, WPCI810G

Netgear? FM114P, FVM318, FWG114P, MA311, ME101, ME103, WG302, WG311, WG311T

NomadixR AG-2000-w - Wireless Gateway?

QPCOMR QP-W102, QP-WR804B, QP-WR914G, QP-W2400GP, QP-WP2000, QP-WA252G, QP-WR254G, QP-2400GP+

SiemensR SpeedStreamR SS1024, CONNECT2AIR? AP-600RP-USB, CONNECT2AIR? E-1100 PCI Card GRE: Gina 2015 AP/Bridge

smartBridges airPoint? Indoor, airBridge? Indoor and airNICR

SputnikR AP 160?

SymbolR AP300 Access Point (802.11a Radio), AP-5131 Access Point

Trango Broadband WirelessR M2400S, M900S

Tranzeo: XI-626 PCI Card

TRENDnetR TEW-203PI, TEW-228PI, TEW-403PI, TEW-423PI, TEW-223PI, TEW-303PI PCI, TEW-231BRP, TEW-431BRP, TEW-2K1, TEW-435BRM

U.S.RoboticsR USR2216, USR5416, USR5430, USR5450, USR8022, USR8054, USR9106

WaveAccess 132

WestellR VersaLink?

ZcomaxR XG-1000, XI-626, 1500, 1500H, 1500HP, 1500HP2, 3000, WL420/431/450

ZoomairR PC Card 4103/4105

ZyXELR ZyAIRR B-1000, B-2000, B-3000, G-2000 Access Point

ZyXELR Prestige 660HW ADSL Gateway


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