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MuTenna™ 5.8G 18dBi-MMCX RA (M)
MuTenna™  5.8G 18dBi-MMCX RA (M)
Number: 1236
Item number: MU-5800-MMCX
Weight: 10.00 Lbs.
■ Quantity and Price :
‧ 1 Set ~ 5 Set US$ 87.99 ∕ Set
‧ 6 Set ~ 10 Set US$ 83.99 ∕ Set
‧ 11 Set upward US$ 79.99 ∕ Set
Quantity : Set
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Product Information
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Including the 20cm cable assembly
MMCX RA male to SMA male L=20cm/8" (CT-MMCX)
Mounting kit 1set
20m LAB cable.1pc
25cm LAN cable.1pc
RJ45 Watertight Ethernet Connector 1pc


  1. Having a Big space of this Weatherproof Enclosure than general similar products on the market.
  2. Putting Two Access Points Inside of the MuTenna, The Signal Will Able to Be Used for Two Directions.
  3. Being Suitable for the MIMO AP. We have the three N female connector, mounted on the based of unit.
  4. Utilizing the integrated 5.8GHz 18dBi Panel antenna and other external antennas such as Omni antenna or Grid High-Gain antenna.
  5. If you don't required to contact external antenna, you can lock with three weatherproof covers directly on the weatherproof Enclosure
  6. Installing Easily by yourselves with any required equipment.

  1. Three weatherproof caps are on the top of MuTenna.
  2. If any External Antenna is needed, End-Users can Easily Install with a N Female BKD Cable Assembly. In order to secure of the connector on the MuTenna, an affixed ring that we designed is being added.
  3. Install an 2.4GHz OMNI 8dBi Antenna can use a N Female BKD cable assembly. In addition, End-Users can use any LOW LOSS Cable Assembly to connect any high gain antenna, such as GRID or PANEL, with MuTenna.
  4. 2.4GHz OMNI 8dBi is an option which is depending on your AP.
  5. MIMO AP, Router, or Up to 3 pieces of Antennas can be installed in the MuTenna.
  1. Adding An Extra N Female BKD Cable Assembly can attached an High Gain Antenna.
  2. Also, You can require a cable gland for your weatherproof cap in order to install the power adapter cable of booster.
  1. L-Bracket and eight holes for the screws ensure that MuTenna will be installed very Securely and will able to resist wind.
  2. The position of the L-Bracket's hole will able to be adjusted.
    The L-Bracket is also designed ¡V Can be adjusted by the direction.
  1. 1.Up to three Extra 2.4GHz OMNI 8dBi Antennas can be putted into the inner of MuTenna with the original set. Without extra equipment, the Gross Weight of a set of MuTenna is 3000G.
  2. 2.The big internal size is one of MuTenna's features. End-Users can install up to two sets of small AP.
    Also, A Flat Panel Antenna has be integrated inside.
    And, the choices are 2.4GHz, 5.5GHz, 5.8GHz, and 5GHz Full Band.
    Or, End-Users can install their own design or any extra DIY Components.
  3. Two different frequencies can be used in MuTenna Simultaneously.
    For Example, the internal frequency is 2.4GHz, End-Users can use 5GHz.
    Note: Which Frequency can be used is depending on the AP.
  1. As your reference, the internal size of the MuTenna will be as above instruction of the picture.
Technical information
Frequency:5725 - 5850MHz
SWR : ≤ 1.5:1
Available Options
AP Borad:MIMO AP, AP, router or others
RF Pigtail : MMCX RA male 20cm
IP 67 Testing Report
Power Over Ethernet (POE) 5V 
Power Over Ethernet (POE) 12V 

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