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LLC200- SMA male RP & N male connector
LLC200- SMA male RP & N male connector
Number: 1247
Item number:
Weight: 15.00 Lbs.
■ Quantity and Price :
‧ 1 set upward US$ 175.99 ∕ set
Quantity : set
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You get USD 165.99 for whole set Low Loss 200 cable with Crimping tool, cable splitter, SMA male RP & N male connector plus Heat Shrink

1 reel of LLC200 cable
1 pack of SMA male RP connector (WL-SMA-1-RP200)
1 pack of N male connector (WL-N-1-200)
2 packs of LLC200 heat shrik (WL-HS200)
1 pc of HT-336G crimping tool
1 pc of HT-322 cable stripper

The Wireless LAN Radio can work with this item

Radios that use RP-SMA Male Connectors

3CRWE820096A, 3CRWE870075A, 3CRWE91096A, 3CRWE825075A, 3CRWE875075A, 3CRWE725075A

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BlitzzR BWA611 NetWave, BWA611B NetWave, BWA711 Super G, BWA721G, BWI605 NetWave, BWI715 Super G

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HyperLink Routers (formerly SR2400)

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SymbolR AP300 Access Point (802.11a Radio), AP-5131 Access Point

Trango Broadband WirelessR M2400S, M900S

Tranzeo: XI-626 PCI Card

TRENDnetR TEW-203PI, TEW-228PI, TEW-403PI, TEW-423PI, TEW-223PI, TEW-303PI PCI, TEW-231BRP, TEW-431BRP, TEW-2K1, TEW-435BRM

U.S.RoboticsR USR2216, USR5416, USR5430, USR5450, USR8022, USR8054, USR9106

WaveAccess 132

WestellR VersaLink?

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ZyXELR Prestige 660HW ADSL Gateway


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